Christie Casale's Photo Album
There are many family and friends that are unidentified in this album. Please let me know if you know who else is in the photo.
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1912 Christy gets a ride
1912 Christy in Milligan, NE
1920s Christie and Bette
1920s Christie and daughters
1920s Christie and Geraldine
1920s Christie
1920s George Tyner Family
1920s George, Christie, Mildred and Geraldine Tyner
1924 Geraldine, Mildred and Christie
1930 Pat, Christie, Bette and Eddie
1930s Aunt Mae's Family, Christie back right
1930s Christie in Lincoln, NE
1930s Christie standing
1930s Christie
1931 Bette, Christie and Pat at Medthodist Orphange
1931 May 3 Pat (15), Christie and Bette (13)
1937 Christie bb Barbara, Pat, Gwen, bb Nancy
1937 Nick and Christie at Knott's Berry Farm
1937 Pat, Ed, Christie and Bette
1939 Bette and Christie
1940s Christie and Bette
1942 Aug - Christie and Bette
1942 Christie and Dale
1942 Christie
1952 10 Christie
1952 Christie
1952 Oct 19 Christine and Nicholas S  Casale Marriage 1
1952 Oct 19 Christine and Nicholas S Casale Marriage 2
1952 Oct 19 Nick and Christie's Wedding
1954 12 Christie and Nick
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