Our Parents were Dale Holtzendorff and Bette Tyner.

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Our Holtzendorff Ancestors

Our father Dale Holtzendorff
Born Dec 25, 1917 in Falls City, Nebraska
Married Dec 17, 1939 to Bette Tyner in Lincoln, Nebraska
Died Sep 17, 1971 in Long Beach, California

was the son of Herbert Casto Holtzendorff
Born Jan 3, 1883 in Pearson, Georgia
Married about 1910 to Ethel Banche Shields in Mount Vernon, Illinois
Died Jan 24, 1945 in Compton, California

who was the son of Lewis Holzendorf
Born Jun 6, 1840 at Berne Plantation, Georgia
Married  Mar 21, 1866 to Phoebe Sirmans in Clinch County, Georgia
Died Sep 7, 1901 in Pearson, Georgia

who was the son of Alexander Holzendorf
Born Oct 30, 1808 in Darien, Georgia
Married Feb 16, 1831 to Sue Eliza Spalding at Berne Plantation, Georgia
Died Sep14, 1887 in Stockton, Georgia

who was the son of John Lewis Kale Holzendorf
Born Jun 28, 1775 in Camden, South Carolina
Married Jan 27,1797 to Margaret Louise Cheichton in Savannah, Georgia
Died Nov 28, 1861 at Berne Plantation, Georgia

who was the son of John Frederick Holzendorf
Born Sep 16, 1752 in Old Purysburg, South Carolina
Married Apr 1, 1774 to Elizabeth Ehrhardt in Ebenezer, Georgia
Died 1825 in Darien, Georgia

who was the son of John Frederick von Holzendorf
Born about 1713 in Brandenburg, Germany
Married about 1735 to Marianne Rosanna Dosher
Died Jan 24, 1754 in Dorchester, South Carolina

*Most of this Holtzendorff genealogy is taken from family records and
the books “Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia” by Folks Huxford.
These volumes can be ordered from The Huxford Genealogical Society at www.huxford.com.


Our Tyner Ancestors

Top: Sissy Pat Tyner

Left: George Washington Tyner

Right: Christie Mae Hlina Tyner

Bottom: Bette Tyner
(Our Mother)

Our Mother Bette Tyner Holtzendorff
Born Dec 4, 1918 in Crete, Nebraska
Married Dec 17, 1939 to Dale Holtzendorff in Lincoln, Nebraska
Died Jan 14, 1996 in Norwalk, California

was the daughter of George Washington Tyner
Born Feb 5, 1858 in Illinois
Married Jul 7, 1914 to Christie Mae Hlina in Geneva, Nebraska
Died Mar 12, 1928 in Lincoln, Nebraska

who was the son of James Monroe Tyner
Born in Pennsylvania
Married to Lucinda Price

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